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    Simon Luo Wei



    Artist, artistic director, actor, coach.


    Born in China. Raised in China, Italy. Trained in China, Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.


    Lover of philosophy, anthropology, mathematics, and music. He majored in Economics and Management at Bocconi University with reinforcement in art, culture, communication, and liberal arts in general. He was one of the last students who studied directly with Ugo Fabietti, a leading exponent of anthropology in the Italian scenario and beyond. Due to his interest in globalization, democracy, and national sovereignty, he consulted directly with Dani Rodrik, the theorist of the Political trilemma of the world economy during his postgraduate studies.


    He designed for himself a two-year program by merging postgraduate studies and extensive cultural trips of anthropological and historical inquiries. He combined courses from Lugano University and United Nations University and obtained 80+ credits, 20+ more than planned. During that period, he lived in Switzerland and the Netherlands to gain an up-close experience of modern democracy in its various forms. He travelled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa in order to get a comparison sample for reducing the experience cognitive bias. The base programs were the MSc in Economics and International Policies in Switzerland at the University of Italian Switzerland, Lugano, and the MSc in Public Policy and Human Development in the Netherlands at UNU-MERIT, United Nations University - Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology, Maastricht.


    The topics that inspired him most during the aforementioned postgraduate studies include public economics, public policy (stakeholder analysis and its management), public policy analysis with an emphasis on SDGs, international trade, introductory data science and statistics, advanced econometrics with regression analysis, WTO law with enhanced negotiation and strategy skills, research design, international macroeconomics, management of public and not for profit organizations, environmental law and policy (ETS), governance of the global system, international law, sustainable development and CSR, institutions and economics of pension and ageing, international politics, theory and transformation of the state, economic thought in the history of ideas and facts, advanced methods for social research. He was a frequent and successful discussion leader during the tutorials and discussions.


    Among the countless activities during the period, it is worth noting the following. In one of many cultural trips in the Middle East, he attended STEP in Dubai, the most significant and extensive technology and innovation event where venture capital firms and entrepreneurs gather in MENA. In Zurich at ETH, he participated in a conference on the future of education where the founder of the Minerva Project lectured. He visited the European Fine Art Fair, a world-leading annual art, antiques and design fair of top-tier galleries across the globe. He visited many international organizations in Geneva, including but not limited to the United Nations, the Red Cross, the WTO, the WIPO, the UNHCR, and the World Health Organization where the official gave a seminar in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Since 2012 he has been carrying out linguistic-cultural mediation activities by collaborating with various organizations and institutions both in the corporate sphere and for Public Administration. Since 2015 he has been a court-certified translator between Chinese and Italian at the Chamber of Commerce and the Court of Justice of Milan.


    Before handing his resignation to devote himself to the professional acting training of dramatic art at Scuola Teatro Arsenale in Milan, one of the fundamental reference points of the dramatic training following the acting techniques and methods of Jacques Lecoq, he worked briefly in a top-tier listed company in the engineering, chemical technology, and energy sectors. Prior to that, he boasts years of extensive experience in the fashion industry with the most prestigious high fashion houses, from the supply chain and production to corporate social responsibility.


    Recently, in his spare time, he studies music and classical piano at Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado, Fondazione Milano, one of the most prestigious music schools in Milan. He is very proud of the following achievements and experiences, he passed the Music Theory Grade 5 at ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) with no prior knowledge; a two-week intensive workshop in Production Management of Performing Arts at Teatro alla Scala Academy. He further pursued his master studies in Philosophy and theology, content of 30 ECTS credits at research level at Universität Luzern, a young Swiss university with its historical roots traced back to the Jesuit College founded in the aftermath of the Reformation in 1574, he discussed with the scholars and participants from all over the world the modern philosophical and theological implications of both the Abrahamic traditions and the religious morality of other beliefs, including the Indian, the Iranian, the African, and the East Asian ones. He keeps close contact with some senior Jesuits of Milan because of his vocational calling at a younger age which has been continuing to inspire him ever since.


    Thanks to his multicultural background, academic training, and long-term interest in the investment industry, he has the opportunity to work closely with individual investors and boasts an extensive network in both the traditional investment sector and digital asset management, especially in Switzerland. He has a broad knowledge of Financial Risk Management and earned the certificate in Foundations of Financial Risk at GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals) in 2020.


    At the present time, he is working closely with some investment professionals in Switzerland in Open Architecture Investment Management by recommending the financial products best suited to the custom-made needs of the clients. In the meanwhile, he is also actively promoting some cooperation where Italian and Swiss individuals, companies, and institutions can look for opportunities in China.








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